Deepconsoul & Mizz feat. Xoliswa - Mayivunywe Lengoma

BLAQ SOUL MUSIC is proud to present an essential release by a Cape Town base group ‘Deepconsoul’ and Mizz featuring Xoliswa. Also includes Remixes by Betasweet, Blaq Soul, Sobz, and SoulPoizen.

Deepconsoul was formed in 2008 by Masibulele Tyhulu and Siyabonga Mbewu. They went on the same high school when they discover they had interest in music production. They then meet Ayanda Fokazi who shared the same vision and dreams. As time went by they decided to search for vocalists, and that’s when they meet Amanda Mavundla, who was participating at 'Arts Cape Theatre' singing African jazz. They didn’t waste much time they went in studio and did a hit track 'Mvelingqangi' which was released under Dj Deep’s album titled 'Musical Journey vol. 1'. The track went beyond their expectations as it was played on 'Metro Fm and Y fm and Mhlobo Wenene'. It was clear to them that they can only grow as they received a contract to sign under 'Ziyawamo Productions'. It Didn't end there, the journey was only starting as they featured another three songs under 'Ziyawamovol 3' track(s) like "IZANGOMA, HARARE BREEZ,I WANNA BEFREE".

They looked up to legends like Black coffee, and Culoe de song. The group grew and became bigger and better as they meet Mzukisi Ntshona and Thando Kleinbooi who went to varsity for sound engineering. They recorded a track called 'nightlife ft Mzukisi' the track became a hit as well and decided to shoot a video. Sleepless nights began people wanted more. Gigs suddenly fall in, it was clearly that people appreciated and loved their sound. They came across with the legends Like 'Infinite boys' who recognized their talent; they played one of their songs on 'live' TV show. They did a remix of ‘uthando’ by Infinite ft Thando k, Melodica by Mr O AND Mandulo by Dj Mizz. The journey continued, there was Bob ezy who came to the story as they featured him on two tracks 'Bob ezy & Deepconsoul ft Amanda - uthando, Bob ezy & Deepconsoul ft Mzukisi - Nguwe' Another hit track to look for 'Deepconsoul & Mizz ft D.U Music -Better life'. Some of these projects are above are yet to come up in2012.



Blaq Soul feat. Soh - Vuku' Zenzele

Blaq Soul Music growing stronger once again with this release(Vuku' Zenzele) this time featuring a young Gospel singer Slindele Ntuli from KZN(oLundi).
Also included in this package is Soule Villain, Punk, & SoulPoizen.
Artist : Blaq Soul Feat. Soh
Title : Vuku' Zenzele
Produced/Composed/Arranged by : Blaq Soul
Recorded by : Blaq Soul
Remixed by : Blaq Soul, Soule Villain, Punk, & SoulPoizen
Label : Blaq Soul Music
Catalog No : BSM-011

Blaq Soul feat. Thukie - Suka

Blaq Soul feat. Thukie - Suka

Including a slamming remix by SoulPoizen

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SoulPoizen - Zulu Amazone

Nkosingiphile Ngiba aka SoulPoizen is another growing house music producer/Dj based in Durban.
His pession for house music drove him to start producing music in 2009.

A truly African and spiritual musical journey with a variety of influential sounds from
South Africa and & abroad. His music illustrates Africanism on another level blended with deep,
Afro and soul elements. His style of blending afro tech with deep elements is a unique formula which you can't help but to just fall in love with.

He has worked on many projects and has been featured on a numerous of releases by other house heads (Betasweet, Blaq Soul, Soule Villain, Sobz to name a few), and also counting his debut releases (The Herbs & Soul Project "I & II"). Also has done a lot of Remixes including Blaq Soul's recent release (Blaq Soul f.t Thukie Tshiyo Tshiyo).

Indeed the world is captured by his tunes hence being featured on many Djs podcasts and on The Finest Lady of House 4 compilation by Afrotainments' own Dj Cndo. Now a member of the house group INVADERS. SoulPoizen has by far proved to be counted among the best underground producers and he still has a lot to offer to the music scene both as a Producer & DJ.

Now making his 1st release on Blaq Soul Music (Zulu Amazon) which will definitely be on every DJ's CD bag this summer. This is 1 of those packages which 1 feels inspired every time he listens to it, because of the movement, vibe, & the African rhythm that will definitely leave you thinking. Also including Blaq Soul's Tzahiri Dance, & Deeper Version Remix.

Credit:Artist : SoulPoizen
Title : Zulu Amazon
Produced by : SoulPoizen
Remixed by : Blaq Soul
Artwork : Blaq Soul Music
Label : Blaq Soul Music
Ref Number : BSM-009

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Blaq Soul f.t Thukie - Tshiyo Tshiyo

Artists : Blaq Soul f.t Thukie

Title : Tshiyo Tshiyo

Produced/composed, & recorded by : Blaq Soul

Remixed By : Blaq Soul, Jose Marquez, Soulpoizen, Betasweet, & Soule Villain

Label : Blaq Soul Music